Roadmap to iPhone Development Hell!

April 30, 2009

“I’ve made a terrible mistake!” what I might say if I was prone to giving up and afraid of challenges. In reality, I’ve found learning about iPhone development to be quite exciting, if sometimes painful. Being a PC enthusiast for the past decade, it was an interesting experience trading Windows for OS X and Visual Studios for Xcode. From shortcuts to the file explorer, I can only summarize my feelings as, “you’ll rewrite your expectations.”

Yet, the PC to Mac transition is only one step towards being an iPhone Developer. I’ve spent time in the iPhone Dev Center watching the appropriately named “Getting Started Videos,” been bored, stopped, and turned to learning Objective-C, practically headbutting (read: head to keyboard) a sample app onto my iPhone* and, most recently, stumbled across the excellent Stanford U’s iPhone Application Programming podcasts via iTunes.

In the short time I’ve spent entrenched in iPhone development, I’ll recommend three things:

1. Read CocoaDevCentral’s Learn Objective-C primer,

2. Watch Pragmatic Programmers’ free Getting Started with Xcode and Interface Builder screencast,

3. Subscribe to Stanford U’s CS193P iPhone Application Programming webcasts and unofficial iPhone Application Development Auditor‘s Google Group.

‘Til next week!

* – I’m saving this.


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