Part of becoming Xcode proficient is passing my mostly made up 90/10 keyboard-mouse litmus test. Which is to say, “Code with your keyboard and dropkick your mouse to the figurative curb.” Programming is already time consuming as is, so take the shortcuts where you can!

1. Block commenting (Command-/).


2. Show Completion List popup (Escape).


3. Show Symbols popup (Control-2).


4. Switch to Header/Source (Option-Command-Up).

5. Go to next/previous file in File History (Option-Command-Right/Left).

6. Build and Run (Command-Enter).

7. Go to next error/warning (Command-=).

If you’re curious, the full Xcode shortcuts are available for edit under Preferences (Command-,) > Key Bindings and also for download as a PDF at Cocoa Samurai.