Joel Spolsky and co. (Stack Overflow) are hosting a new programming conference/tour (LA->London) this October to celebrate their website being totally awesome. They’re planning talks by some smart people on some new(ish) technologies and there’ll be free lunch ($100)! I’m a huge fan of these guys, so I’m confident that it’ll be a good time [at least in LA :].

Stack Overflow DevDays @ Joel on Software

P.S. Dan Grigsby is another smartie and recently posted this Best Of- feature:

Best of Stack Overflow For iPhone Devs @ Mobile Orchard

P.S.S. Don’t miss the “Xcode tips & tricks you wish you knew about!”


Xcode Video Tutorial

May 7, 2009

I’m not terribly in the mood to write tonight, so I’ll keep it brief.

I found this video tutorial on Xcode after another week of hacking away at the MacBook. It’s a quick introduction to the IDE including some handy keyboard shortcuts:

Xcode Tips and Tricks